Ladder Station Pro

The Ladder Station Pro slides into any rung on most Werner and Louisville ladders providing easy and safe access to a gallon paint bucket. It makes painting fast and efficient. Powerful magnets provide a place to store brushes and a slot holds a standard paint scraper and other accessory tools. With a unique handle it securely holds a paint can and can be easily carried up a ladder loaded with painting supplies.


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Technical Specs

Width 5"
Depth 13.5"
Height 1.25"
Bucket Size Full Gallon Paint Can
Ladder Type D-Rung
Magnet Areas 3
Compatible with standard plastic bucket handle sleeves Yes
Shaft Dimensions 1.253" x .888" x 6.7"


— Never adjust or move the ladder while this product is still attached to the ladder.

— Do not use this product as a step.

— Do not carry or hang more than 15lb with this product.


This product includes patented technology