Bucket Hanger

The ExtensionMate Bucket Hanger makes your painting experience safer, more organized, more productive and less messy. Simply attach the Bucket Hanger to your 1 or 5 gallon bucket, carry it up the ladder with the super soft grip and hang it right where you need it!  Now your hands are free for painting, building, repairing and most importantly, maintaining safe balance on your ladder.

The Bucket Hanger is engineered for professional use.  It has been tested to hold up to 250lb without bending (however, for you safety on the ladder we recommend that you never carry more than 60lb).

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Technical Specs

Width 4"
Height 5"
Depth 2.375"
Bucket Sizes 1-5 Gallon Buckets
Grip Material Silicone
Ladder Types D or O rung
Compatible with standard plastic bucket handle sleeves Yes


— Never leave hanging objects on the ladder while adjusting or moving the ladder.

— Do not step on the rung that is holding this product

— Do not attempt to carry more than 60lb with this device.



This product includes patented technology